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What We Do

Develop our own software products.
Provide Service and Support for our products.
Software Application devlopment for clients.
Solutions for client requirements through Open Source technologies.
Provide Support for Open Source Technologies.
News & Events

E-Exam Product

Our new product E-EXAM, is been released. This product has received a great level of appreciations from various Institutions and companies.

Services Overview

Maspire Info Systems provide service for all its own products and open source technologies. Service is provided based on the agreement signed.

Various services are provided by Maspire Info Systems. Services are provided for five verticals business solutions, design, development, implementation and support. After analysing the clients requirements are solutions are placed and accordingly we do service for our clients

Following are some of the service provided by Maspire Info Systems,

Design, Development, Support and Implementation service for usedisk.com

The whole web application for usedisk.com is designed and developed by us. This is one of the good example of our service according to our clients requirements. The applicaiton is fully developed in Ruby on Rails.

Web proxy server setup for Spiro Technologies

Web proxy server has been setup according to Spiro Technologies complex requirements. This enabled them to have highly secured and professional work environment. This service is provided using Open Source technology.

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