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E-Exam Product

Our new product E-EXAM, is been released. This product has received a great level of appreciations from various Institutions and companies.

Proxy Server

Maspire Info Systems provide proxy server solutions through open source technology. The cost for the proxy server is 100% free and we charge only for the Installation, Configuration and Supporting the proxy server.

Proxy Server has become mandatory for many IT and Non IT companies. This will ensure that the company documents and datas are restored safely within the private network.

The proxy server infrastructure requirements will be varying for each and every companies. We have a customised settings which can suite for most the common needs across organisations and we can also provide solutions for customer specific requirements.


1. Grouping - Some websites can be restricted for some PC and some website can be allowed for another set of PC in the same network. Example: system programer cannot access gmail.com but CEO can access gmail.com in the same network

2. Automated Logging- This will show which website has been accessed from which PC/Laptop.

3. Automated Start - Proxy server will be automatically started once the server is booted. No need for manual start.

4. Easy Maintaince - We will provide you with a text file where you can add or remove the website you want to block or allow. So for maintaining our proxy server solution no one requires proxy server knowledge.

5. Highly Stable

6. Cost effective Solution. Free Proxy Server.

7. Contact us at info@maspireinfosystems.com

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