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What We Do

Develop our own software products.
Provide Service and Support for our products.
Software Application devlopment for clients.
Solutions for client requirements through Open Source technologies.
Provide Support for Open Source Technologies.
News & Events

E-Exam Product

Our new product E-EXAM, is been released. This product has received a great level of appreciations from various Institutions and companies.

About Us

Maspire Info Systems is a chennai based Indian information technology company. This is an registered company under Republic of India. We provide products, solutions and service for various companies. Our service are provided for various verticals ( Infrastructure, Design, Development, Support etc..)

Maspire Info Systems is a product based company. Our primary objective is to design, develop and sale IT products for less cost with high quality.

Our Wings are not restricted for developing and supporting our own products. We also provide solutions for business through various open source technologies. All these open source technologies are also supported by Maspire Info Systems.

Since most of the soultions are provided using open source technologies, the cost for business reduces drastically. High quality low cost effective solutions are the key for our success. Clients requirements are analysed and required solutions are provided either through new development or by customising existing tools or softwares.

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